Micro TESE

Surgical Sperm Retrieval Assisted by Gynecologists

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Why MicroTESE Outperforms Biopsy

The Advantages of MicroTESE in Azoospermia Cases
  • Superior sperm retrieval rate compared to biopsy techniques
  • Minimized risk of testicular damage during the procedure
  • Tailored approach for precise assessment and targeted sperm extraction
  • Increased chances of finding sperm for IVF treatments
  • Potential for multiple procedures to maximize sperm retrieval success

Why People Choose Us?

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  • Highly experienced fertility specialist with prestigious qualifications
  • 18 years as a gynecologist, 12 years as a fertility expert
  • Expertise in advanced techniques like micro TESE
  • Successful outcomes for men with zero sperm count
  • Skilled in advanced laparoscopic surgeries for infertility cases


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Dr. Soma Singh - Fertility Specialist

Dr. Soma Singh

Fertility Specialist, Gynecologist

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